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Hall of Fame
Golf courses played


Results for 2015-2016

July 2013

1st Nick Avis (22) 37pts
2nd Les Anscombe (19) 36pts
3rd Stacey (28) 34pts

June 2013


May 2013


April 2013

1st Pete Mack (20) 38pts
2nd Reg Hurrell (23) 35pts
Ross Clarke (13) 35pts

March 2013

1st Warren Freer (18) 34pts
2nd Les Anscombe (18) 32pts
Pete Daly
(18) 30pts

February 2013

1st Warren Freer (18) 34pts
2nd Reg Hurrell (22) 34pts
3rd Ross Clarke (13) 31pts

January 2013

Not played

Dec 2012

1st Ross Clarke (13) 37pts
2nd Pete Daly (17) 36pts
3rd John Stanley (17) 34pts amended result Paddy now 4th

Nov 2012

1st Mick Pollington (24) 36pts
2nd Reg Hurrell (22) 34pts
3rd John Stanley (17) 34pts

Nov 2012 Neils day

1st Ross Clarke
2nd Kevin Hungerford
3rd John Stanley

Oct 2012

1st Warren Freer 40pts (18)
2nd Pete Daly 38pts (18)
3rd Neil Wickens 36pts

Sept 2012

1st Reg Hurrell 37pts (22)

2nd Pete Daly 37pts (18)

3rd Jim Bailey 37pts (20)

July 2012

1st Neil Wickens 34pts (22)

2nd Phil Avis 31pts (19)

3rd Mick Fuller 31pts (24)

June 2012

1st Phil Avis 32pts (19)

2nd Warren Freer 29pts (18)

3rd Reg Hurrell 28pts (22)

May 2012

1st KevinHungerford (18) 33pts

2nd Patrick Champan (25) 32pts

3rd Jim Bailey (20) 32pts

April 2012


2nd  Not Played course closed


March 2012

1st Jean Hungerford (36) 46pts

2nd Mick Hillman (17) 40pts

3rd Lee Marchant (23) 37pts

Feb 2012

1st Reg Hurrell (22) 41pts

2nd Ross Clarke (13) 41pts

3rd Pete Mack (19) 41pts

Jan 2012

1st Pete Daly (17) 38pts

2nd Phil Avis (19) 37pts

3rd Kevin Hungerford (18) 34pts

Dec 2011

1st  Warren Freer  (18) 40pts

2nd Ross Clarke (13) 37pts

3rd Mick Pollington (24) 36pts

Nov 2011

1st Tony "Carlito" Vincent (24) 40pts

2nd Warren Freer (19) 40pts

3rd Paul Carter (20) 38pts

Oct 2011 Eastbourne Downs

1st  Kevin Hungerford (18) 40pts

2nd Reg Hurrell (22) 40pts

3rd Tony Vincent (24) 39pts

Sept 2011 Hassocks

1st Rick Payne 40pts

2nd Ross clarke 40pts

3rd John Stanley 37pts

August 2011 Mannings Heath

1st Kevin Hungerford 38pts

2nd Reg Hurrell  36pts

3rd Paul Carter  34pts

July 2011 Tilgate

1st Jim Bailey 33pts

2nd Ross Clarke 33pts

3rd Pete Daly 32pts

June 2011 Cottesmore

1st  Mick Hillman 29pts

2nd Jim Bailey 37pts

3rd Mick Fuller 37pts 


May 2011 Willingdon

1st Ross Clarke 35pts

2nd Jean  33pts

3rd Neil Wickens 30pts

April 2011 Played May 1st Wellshurst

1st John Stanley 39pts

2nd Tony "The Don" Vincent 38pts

3rd Phil Avis 37pts


March 2011 Rookwood

1st Clive Miller 37pts

2nd Paul Carter 36pts

3rd Mick Pollington 36pts 

February 2011 Hollingbury

1st Pete Mack 40pts

2nd Pete Daly 38pts

3rd Mick P 36pts

Jan 2011 Seaford Head

1st Warren Freer 43pts

2nd Mick Fuller 43pts

3rd Ross Clark 41pts

Dec 2010 Xmas event

1st Pete Daly 33pts

2nd Neil Wickens 32pts

3rd Mark Longhurst 30pts

Nov 2010 Hassocks

1st Pete Mack 40pts

2ns Neil Wickens 36pts

3rd Rick Payne 35pts

Oct 2010 Hillbarn

1st John Stanley   36pts

2nd Mick Hillman   35pts

3rd Phil Avis    35pts

Sept 2010 Tilgate

1st Mick Hillman 34pts

2nd Rick Payne 34pts

3rd Phil Avis 34pts

July 2010 Rookwood

1st Jim Bailey 42pts

2nd Ross Clarke 38pts

3rd Neil Wickens 37pts

June 2010 Hassocks

1st Tony Wells 38pts

2nd Ross Clarke 35pts

3rd Rick Payne 34pts countback

May 2010 Kent & Surrey

1st Pete Daly 31pts

2nd Tony Wells 29 pts

3rd Pete Mack 26pts

March 2010 Chichester

1st Ross Clarke 37pts

2nd Tony Wells 31pts

3rd Glen Moore 29pts 

Jan 2010 Seaford

1st Neil Wickens 44pts

2nd Ross Clarke 42pts

3rd Jim Bailey 41pts

Nov 09 Waterhall

1st Phil Avis 35pts

2nd Tony Wells 34pts

3rd Neil Wickens 34pts

Sept 09 Wellshurst

1st Mick Fuller

2nd Glen Moore

3rd Phil Avis


July 09 Lingfield

1st Tony Wells 33pts

2nd Pete Daly 33pts

3rd Mick Hillman 33pts

June 09 willingdon

1st Rick Payne 37pts

2nd Tony Wells 36pts

3rd Neil Wickens 35pts

May 09 West Chiltington

1st Mick Fuller 32pts

2nd Pete Daly 30pts (including hole in one)

3rd Paul Carter 30pts

April 09 Eastbourne Downs

1st Mick Davis

2nd Mick Fuller

3rd Pete Daly

March 09 Cottesmore

1st Glen Moore 42pts

2nd Mick Davies 40pts

3rd Tony "the Don" Vincent 37pts 

February 09

1st Mick Fuller 37pts

2nd Clive "you're joking" Miller 36pts

3rd Mick Davies 36pts

December 21st Hillbarn

1st Darren Barton 43pts

2nd Pete Mack 40pts

3rd Jim Bailey 38pts


November 30th Willingdon

1st Paul Carter 36pts (hcp 21)

2nd Jim Bailey 31pts (hcp 18)

3rd Mick Pollington 31pts (hcp 22)

October 26th Horam

1st Paul Carter  35pts (hcp 21)

2nd Mick Hillman 33pts (hcp 15)

3rd Bob Penfold 33pts (hcp 28)

Sept 28th Seaford

1st Pete "the bandit" Mack 45pts (20 hcp)

2nd Mick Hillman 42pts (15 Hcp)

3rd Stacey Adams 40pts (28 Hcp)

August 29th Tilgate

1st Mick Fuller

2nd Mick Hillman

3rd Tony Wells


July 27th Hollingbury

1st Rick Payne 40pts (18 hcp)

2nd Jim Bailey 36pts  (18 hcp)

3rd Pete Daly 36pts (16 hcp) Amended

June 29th Lingfield

1st Tony Wells 36pts (8 hcp)

2nd Mick Pollington 31pts (22 hcp)

3rd Glen Moore 29pts (16 hcp)

May 25th Hassocks

1st Pete Daly 40pts (16 hcp)

2nd Tony Vincent 36pts (26 hcp)

3rd John Stanley 36pts (14 hcp)

April 27th Dewlands Manor

1st Mick Davies 33 pts (17 hcp)

2nd Tony Wells 32 pts (7 hcp)

3rd Mick Hillman 31 pts (14 hcp)

March 30th Cuckfield

1st Mick Davies 42 pts (18 hcp)

2nd Glen Moore 41 pts (17 hcp)

3rd Mick Hillman 41 pts (15 hcp)

February 24th Tligate

1st Darren B 35pts

2nd Mick H    31pts

3rd Pete D     31pts

January 27th Hillbarn

1st Pete M 43pts

2nd Darren B 34pts

3rd Tony V 34pts

December 30th Waterhall

1st Tony W 39pts

2nd Pete M 38pts

3rd Darren B 35pts

November 25th Wellshurst

1st Jim B 42pts

2nd Tony V 38pts

3rd Mick H 37pts

October 28th Lingfield

1st Tony W 32pts Count back

2nd Pete D 32pts

3rd Pete M 30pts count back

September 30th Seaford Head

1st Kevin H 45pts

2nd Tom E 43pts

3rd Paul C 40pts

Photo's will appear shortly.

Singles winner

Rick P

Singles Runner up

Paul C

Blind Pairs Winners

John S & Reg H

Player of the year

Tony W

August 31st Tilgate

1st Paul C 43pts

2nd Pete M 37pts

3rd Tony W 35pts

July 29th Foxbridge

1st Mick F

2nd Reg H

3rd Tony W

July 15th Neil's day

1st Tony w

June 2007 Hollingbury

1st Tony W 38pts

2nd Rick P 34pts

3rd Steve J 33pts

May 2007 Lingfield

1st Kevin H

2nd Tony W

3rd Neil W

April 2007 Hillbarn

1st Darren B 40pts

2nd Mick H   36pts

3rd Jim Bailey 35pts

March 2007 Waterhall

1st Chris M 37pts

2nd Darren B 37pts

3rd Rick P 36pts

February 2007 Foxbridge

1st Reg H 43pts

2nd Neil W 39pts

3rd Darren B 36pts


January 2007 Tilgate Forest 

1st Kevin H 33pts

2nd Glenn G 31pts

3rd Neil W 31pts

December 2006 Wellshurst

1st Tony W  43pts

2nd Darren B 36pts

3rd Mick P 33pts



September 2006 Wellshurst.

1st Kevin H  47pts

2nd Alan M  40pts

3rd Stacey A  40ptThis is automatically generated text.

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November 2006 Hassocks



1st  Pete D 36pts

2nd Steve M 35pts

3rd Mick P 33pts




October 2006 Hillbarn.

1st Mick F  35pts

2nd Tony W  32pts

3rd Pete M  32pts